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full cast crowns bridges

full cast crowns bridges


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Until a couple of years ago, the option of dental restoration was usually confined to complete cast restorations, PFM, or to feldspathic crowns as well as veneers. Today, the introduction of newer and increasingly sophisticated ceramics has significantly improved the option for dental practitioners and also for patients. Full stone, PFMs, and Captek crowns are still popular, but the most modern ceramics may readily accommodate consumer demand for much better esthetics along with superior strength. Non-metallic restorations include zirconia, IPS e.max and Empress. Picking the proper option may be less simple, based on if flexural strength or exceptional esthetics is the most crucial factor. 

When to Choose Full Cast Crowns & Bridges

Full cast crowns are durable, strong and have the possible to last for life. Gold crowns are predominantly acceptable for restoring posterior teeth from the smile line and where the space is often restricted. These restorations are fitting, provides biocompatibility and the tissue reaction to metal alloys gold, is extremely good, except in case of metal sensitivity.

When to Choose PFM Crowns & Bridges

PFMs are a choice for restoring tooth, supply good esthetic results, and may last for up to thirty years. They provide shade consistency, translucency, and opalescence and are acceptable for use any place in the mouth. PFMs have high resistance to plaque and provide a nice marginal fit. The tissue response towards well-fitting PFMs is good.

When to Choose Captek Crowns

affordable dental lab paThe tissue response towards fitting PFMs is good. The gold content of Captek crown is quite appealing and it’s possible to create quite thin, yet strong, copings which are acceptable for areas where space is limited. Captek crowns are extremely biocompatible, encourage a superb tissue response, and offer a marginal fit. They may be used anyplace in the mouth area, providing excellent esthetics. In addition, their immunity to plaque is quite significant. 

When to Choose Solid Zirconia Restorations

Philadelphia dental techniciansSolid zirconia restorations provide 1200 MPa strength and could last 30 years or longer. Their precision match promotes a tissue response and strong zirconia is highly biocompatible. Solid zirconia is particularly acceptable for bruxers. The opacity of those restorations does mean they aren’t especially esthetic for decorative or anterior cases. All zirconia restorations have a higher resistance to plaque.


When to Choose Layered Zirconia Restorations


affordable dental crowns bridges pa Layered zirconia restorations are durable and strong and give the same precision marginal fit seeing as they may last for up to strong zirconia. They can last for up to 30 option for long span bridges healthful tissue response. Layered zirconia restorations supply patients with life such as translucency and may have quite good esthetic results. They’re acceptable for use any place in the mouth and also option for long span bridges fantastic option for long span bridges. When to Pick High translucency zirconia restorations with 600-780MPa strength, higher biocompatible and offers a precise. The material is extremely biocompatible and offers a precise fit that is marginal. High translucency zirconia can be utilized any place in the mouth and also these restorations are particularly acceptable for cosmetic cases.

When to Choose IPS e.max

In 400MPa, IPS e.max does not have quite the potency of top translucency zirconia, but does provide fantastic esthetic results and may be utilized anywhere in the mouth. It is also extraordinary for veneers and will give good translucency and high levels of opalescence. When appropriately bounded, IPS e.max can last as long as any other restoration.

When to Choose IPS Empress

With 160MPa strength, IPS Empress is perfect for anterior crowns and for veneers. This restoration proposals outstanding esthetics, permitting technicians to precisely duplicate the translucency and opalescence found in natural teeth.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like more details. Our skilled specialists have in- depth knowledge about all of these materials and are always willing to discuss precise cases.

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