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Mouthguards & Young Athletes

Mouthguards & Young Athletes

Mouthguards & Young Athletes

Congratulations to the UVA Men’s Basketball team on their victory over Texas Tech in the 2019 NCAA Championship! It was a long road for the team, with at least one player suffering from an injury during the tournament. But they came out on top with a score of 87-77 in overtime Monday night.

Some consider basketball to be a contact sport… while others say it isn’t. It does, however, allow “limited contact” between opponents… and with that comes unexpected injuries. For young athletes, mouthguards are extremely important to wear when playing any type of contact sport, limited or not. They act as a cushion that protects the teeth, mouth and jaw.

Here at American Dental Designs, our talented and skilled lab technicians can custom-make athletic mouthguards to fit mouths of all shapes and sizes. Creating high-quality athletic mouthguards is one of our specialties!

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