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Replacing your teeth with a full or partial set of dentures can be quite an adjustment. Maintaining your usual diet can come with its own set of challenges. But, don’t think wearing dentures means you have to give up all of your favorite foods. Just some of them.

Here’s a list of the top five worst beverages/ foods for dentures:

1.) Coffee – It’s not the caffeine. It’s the stain that cup of Joe can leave on your dentures. Green tea is a better alternative because it’s a lighter colored beverage and it still gives you that boost of caffeine.

2.) Sticky Candy – It’s so important to know that while you may have a sweet tooth for sticky candy, it can be extremely difficult to remove it from your natural teeth. Imagine trying to get it out of your dentures. Instead, try eating a piece of cake, a soft brownie or a cookie to satisfy your sweet tooth.

3.) Nuts – You’ll want to avoid chewing nuts altogether with dentures. Chewing on both sides of your mouth is a must for people who wear them. With nuts, most people typically chew them on one side of their mouths. If you try to eat nuts with dentures you risk the dentures coming loose or one side flipping up. Try a softer snack that won’t mess with your dentures… such as pitted olives.

4.) Steak – Sorry, meat eaters. It’s recommended that those who wear dentures should avoid eating this type of meat because it’s so tough and requires heavier chewing. There are several other types of meat you can enjoy without ruining your dentures. Instead of steak, try ground beef or shredded chicken.

5.) Peanut Butter – This is another sticky food so many people enjoy. But, unfortunately, it’s way too sticky for people who wear dentures. Try hummus instead. It has a similar texture with a different flavor. It’s also packed with protein just like peanut butter.

American Dental Designs – Dental Lab makes high-quality full and partial dentures. Our skilled technicians know what it takes to make strong and comfortable removables. That’s why it’s so important to watch what you eat so they stay that way. For more information about the variety of full and partial dentures we offer, contact American Dental Designs – Dental Lab today at (215) 393-8330 or

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